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Office of Accounting

Bursar (Cashier) Services

  • Collect monies owed The University by students, faculty/staff, etc., and do it accurately, with proper documentation for tuition registration fees, tuition add bills, tuition installment bills, fines & charges, retiree insurance, institutional & federal loans, overpayments, housing, parking, health center, returned checks, dissertation and binding fee, tuition deposits, class audit fees, and all other fees on the Centralized Receivable System.

  • Disburse refunds, financial aid, and scholarship/fellowship checks.

  • Receive and verify manual and electronic departmental deposits accurately, with proper documentation, while the customer (departmental representative) waits.

  • Microfilm all checks accepted by the cashiers before they are sent to the bank each day.

  • Encode checks before they are sent to the bank each day.

  • Order and furnish standing petty cash change orders for certain departments. Cash certain petty cash reimbursement checks. Furnish emergency change funds to certain departments.

  • Post all cash receipts to the accounting records daily via the Cash Receipts Voucher.

  • Test and verify that all security systems in the office are working properly and that the office, safe and vault are secure during non-office hours.

  • Maintain procedures which minimize loss of monies to The University.

  • Information for UT departments preparing to accept credit card payments via the Internet

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