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Handbook of Business Procedures

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April 21, 2010
April 21, 2010
Financial Accounting Services


Part 2. Fund Accounting - Table of Contents


A. Purpose

These funds are used to support The University of Texas at Austin's general educational operations, including faculty salaries, operating expenses of instructional departments, library operations and acquisitions, general administration, student services, campus security, operation and maintenance of educational and general buildings and facilities, as well as a limited number of special research units.

The Educational and General Fund accounts for all assets and resources are used for financing the instruction and general administration of the university. Typically, state appropriations, tuition, and income from investments in the Permanent University Fund are the revenue sources. Expenditures from 14- and 20-accounts must abide by the guidelines stipulated by the university and the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office.

B. Source of Funds

14-accounts are funded by general revenue appropriations, tuition, laboratory fees, interest income, state grants, and contracts.

20-accounts are funded by the Available University Fund—income from the investments of the Permanent University Fund.

C. Transfers

Departmental 14- and 20-account funds cannot be transferred to other fund groups. Expenditures may be transferred between accounts on a *DEFINE IDT Correction of Charges (VT6) document if the expenditure is allowed on both accounts.

D. Rules and Restrictions

  • Purchasing procedures of The University of Texas at Austin and State of Texas Comptroller’s Office must be followed.
  • Purchase orders are required for all materials and services.
  • No entertainment expenditures are allowed; this includes bottled water.
  • No personal reimbursements are allowed unless all purchase order procedures have been followed.
  • No prepayments are allowed.
  • Institutional memberships are allowed only with approval from the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.


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Part 2. Fund Accounting - Table of Contents