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Handbook of Business Procedures

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January 26, 2012
September 3, 2014


Part 7. Purchasing - Table of Contents


A. Introduction

Justification for an emergency purchase occurs as the result of an unforeseen circumstance that requires an immediate response to prevent financial or operational damage to The University of Texas at Austin. If a situation arises in which routine compliance with procurement practice is impractical and not in the university’s best interest, an emergency purchase may be warranted to prevent a hazard to life, health, safety, welfare, or property, or to avoid undue additional cost to the university. Emergency purchases of goods or services are performed to restore a system to its original intended functionality and should not exceed the scope or duration of the emergency.

Note: Requests will not be granted because of a failure to plan on the part of the requesting department, such as forgetting to place an order in a timely manner, or in response to a special vendor promotion.

Departments are advised to contact the Purchasing Office as soon as the need for an emergency purchase becomes apparent to assure that requests are handled in a timely manner.

B. Emergency Purchase Requirements

1. Justifying an Emergency
The requesting department must provide a justification for the emergency by submitting the Emergency Justification Form to the Purchasing Office:

E-mail: Contact the department’s buyer from the UT Purchasing Centers and Buyers List
Fax: 512-471-7745

The justification must document:

  • the nature of the emergency (e.g., hazard to life, health, safety, welfare, or property, or to avoid undue additional cost) and the cause of the emergency situation.
  • the financial or operational damage/risk that will occur if the situation is not resolved immediately.
  • why the need was not or could not be anticipated.
  • the reason and process used for selecting the vendor.

2. Processing an Emergency Request
Once the Purchasing Office has approved the Emergency Justification Form, it may, at the department’s request and at their own discretion, issue a manual purchase order number to facilitate order placement. Once the work is complete, the requesting department must submit the approved Emergency Justification Form , the invoice, and any other supporting documentation required to Accounts Payable in MAI 132 or campus mail G0500 for payment on a *DEFINE VP2 payment voucher.  



Part 7. Purchasing - Table of Contents