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Handbook of Business Procedures

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March 28, 2014
November 25, 2014
Accounts Payable


Part 9. Expenditure Procedures - Table of Contents


A. Introduction

A co-sponsorship is funding for a specific event or function, that is planned, hosted, and sponsored by an outside entity, where the University of Texas at Austin receives a benefit as well as recognition for the co-sponsorship.

B. Requirements

Processing a payment for a co-sponsorship requires the following:

  • Description of the planned event or function and supporting documentation stating how the funds will be used
  • Statement of the benefit of the co-sponsorship to the university
  • Statement of how the university will receive recognition
  • Signature from the president, the provost, a vice president, or a dean for approval
  • Verification with the accountant assigned to the account that co-sponsorships are allowable
  • Appropriate Co-Sponsorship form(s) attached to payment document

C. Procedures

  1. Complete and attach the appropriate Co-Sponsorship form(s) to the payment document that is sent to Accounts Payable.
  • Use of noncentrally-funded designated funds (19-account), non-centrally funded auxiliary funds (29-account), gift funds (30-account), or all other appropriate accounts should complete the Co-Sponsorship Approval Form.
  • Use of a sponsored project funds (26-account) should also complete the Co-Sponsorship Approval Form for Sponsored Projects and obtain approval from Sponsored Project Award Administration (SPAA).
  1. Create a *DEFINE VP2 document using object code 1535.
  1. The Office of Accounting obtains verification with the accountant assigned to non-26 accounts that co-sponsorships are allowable.



Part 9. Expenditure Procedures - Table of Contents