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Handbook of Business Procedures

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June 29, 2005
Septemberr 28, 2015
Travel Services


Part 11. Travel - Table of Contents


A. Introduction

Non-employee travel reimbursements are subject to the same policies as employee, prospective employee, and student travel reimbursements; however, a non-employee is not required to sign the *DEFINE VP5 coversheet and is not exempt from Texas state hotel occupancy taxes, therefore, is not required to provide a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate at Texas lodging establishments. For more information about travel reimbursements, refer to Parts 11.5., 11.5.1., 11.5.2., 11.5.3., and 11.5.4.

Part 11 Table of Contents

B. Reimbursements for Travel Expenses Only

If the only expenses for which the non-employee is to be reimbursed are travel expenses, the department should process a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) with the non-employee traveler type. Refer to Part 11.2 for information about travel authorization.

Part 11.2 Travel Authorization

C. Reimbursements for Travel Expenses with Honorarium to be Paid

If the non-employee traveler is to be paid an honorarium in addition to travel expense reimbursement, payment should be made according to the current process for paying independent contractors. See the Office of Accounting Contractor Services web page for more information.

Contractor Services
Payments to International Non-Employees*

D. Reimbursements to Ten or More Non-Employees

If ten or more non-employees are to be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred to attend a single event and will not be paid for services or receive a stipend or honorarium, a Blanket Authorization of Professional Services (APS) may be prepared in lieu of preparing a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) for each traveler. A list of participants' names must be submitted with the Blanket APS so that hotel and airfare expenses can be direct-billed.

As a general rule, an APS may not cross fiscal years; this includes an APS for payments for services or honoraria. The exception to this rule is a "travel-only" APS, which may span fiscal years if the start date and end date of the trip occur in different fiscal years. 

If there is a signed hotel contract in place, rather than a Blanket APS, a memo from a department chair/center director may be submitted with a list of participants’ names identifying any current employees and including the appropriate RTA number.

Authorization of Professional Services (APS)

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Part 11. Travel - Table of Contents