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Handbook of Business Procedures

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October 23, 2012
October 23, 2012
Records Management Services


Part 20. Records Management - Table of Contents


Document destruction services for state agencies are competitively bid and contracted by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and managed by the Council on Competitive Government (CCG). CCG vendors are recommended for destroying records at The University of Texas at Austin that contain confidential or sensitive information. For more information about the CCG contract, refer to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Contract Details: 962-27 – Document Destruction Services website.

Departments must contact Records Management Services (RMS) for assistance with the following:

  • to use a vendor that is not contracted through CCG
  • to resolve issues with any vendor contracted to destroy confidential or sensitive documents
  • to dispose of records from offices or operations outside of the Austin metropolitan area, e.g. McDonald Observatory, Marine Science Institute

Destruction of master records that contain confidential or sensitive information must follow all requirements listed in the following sections:

To initiate document destruction services with a CCG vendor, the department must follow these steps:

  1. Check pricing for the desired services on the contract’s Fee Schedule for Document Destruction.
  2. Create a requisition in POINT Plus and reference CCG contract #050815-CCG-DD. For recurring services during the course of the current fiscal year, a departmental blanket order may be used. If total expenditures are estimated to be less than $5,000 for the term of the blanket order, create a PBO in POINT Plus. Payments are processed on a *DEFINE VP1 document. For more information, refer to 7.7.5. Blanket Purchase Orders.
  3. After the purchase order is final approved, contact a CCG vendor directly to arrange for document destruction services. Reference to CCG contract #050815-CCG-DD on all service requests. Note: If there is a special circumstance where a purchase order cannot be created before the service, process the payment using a *DEFINE VP2 voucher and reference the contract number.
  4. Austin Task is the CCG vendor for the Austin metropolitan area. To contact Austin Task, take the following steps:
    • If the Department Has Not Previously Used Austin Task
      Contact Indicate in the subject line and body of the email that a department at The University of Texas at Austin needs to set up new service.
    • If the Department Has Existing Service With Austin Task
      Send an email to to schedule a pickup, request bins, or for other assistance. In the subject line, list the following:
      • Campus location, e.g., UT (for main campus), Pickle, etc.
      • Building code
      • Room number
      • Purpose of service, e.g., request new bin; request complete removal of bin; empty hard drive/media/paper bin
    • In the body of the email, list the following information:
      • The items to be picked up (e.g., two bins full, 35 boxes of CDs)
      • Contact person's name and phone number
  5. The CCG vendor arranges to pick up the materials to be destroyed.
  6. Upon receiving the invoice from the CCG vendor, the department creates a *DEFINE VP1 voucher to pay the vendor.



Part 20. Records Management - Table of Contents