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Office of Accounting

Imaging and Documentation Services (IDS)

Image Retrieval System


The Office of Accounting retains fiscal records imaged by Imaging and Documentation Services (IDS) in the Image Retrieval System (IRS) in accordance with the University Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS).

Vouchers and support documentation submitted to the Office of Accounting for payment processing are sent to IDS to be imaged as the final step of the processing workflow. They can be viewed in the IRS in most cases within five days after final approval. Vouchers and support documentation not required to be submitted to the Office of Accounting for processing can be submitted directly to IDS to be imaged and retained in the IRS. Fiscal records not sent for imaging must be retained by the creating department in accordance with the UTRRS. Due to the complexity and length of the retention requirements for some fiscal records, it is strongly recommended that departmental fiscal records be submitted for imaging.

Document creators and approvers, those assigned to desk/view combinations in the document routing path in *DEFINE, those who receive FYI or FYA copies of documents in *DEFINE, and other authorized university employees, may view master records stored in the IRS. Images are accessed by specific document information. You must know the document type and ID number or other identifying information in order to retrieve an image from the IRS at this time.

The system is designed to provide information when it is unable to display an image for a document ID. Before implementing the IRS, the Office of Accounting stored documentation on microfilm. If the documentation you request on the IRS site is available on microfilm, you will get a message with an email address to use for requesting a hard copy.

Note: Please remember that the final, critical step of the imaging process is your review of your documentation in the IRS to ensure that it has been imaged correctly. You must retain a copy of your supporting documentation until you have verified an accurately scanned image in the IRS. See Document Preparation Instructions for further information.

Special Instructions:

  • VP7 and VP9 Vouchers
    Departments are not required to submit supporting documentation for Procard and Office Depot payments. You may opt to submit VP7 and VP9 vouchers and support for imaging on a monthly basis.

    You may also submit past years' vouchers but must contact IDS to arrange for this service. VP7 and VP9 vouchers submitted for imaging must conform to document preparation requirements. Supporting documentation that has not been submitted to IDS must be retained by the department in accordance with retention requirements in the UTRRS.

  • Checks
    The system doesn't currently support check copy requests. To request a copy of a check, please see Request a Copy of a University Check.


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