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Office of Accounting


Imprest Fund Management
Contains information related to handling Imprest Funds including reconciliation and petty cash handling. See also the associated

  • Form AC217-1
    Use this form to fill out the Cash Imprest Fund Disbursement Log for the purpose of maintaining a permanent record of incoming reimbursement checks.
  • Form AC217-2
    Use this form to fill out the Receipt Itemization for the Imprest Fund Reimbursement Voucher which have multiple receipts.
  • Form AC217-3
    Use this form to fill out the Cash Imprest Fund Reconciliation Sheet which is used to maintain documentation of the total amount of the fund.
  • Form AC217-4
    Use this form to fill out the Imprest Fund Bank Account Reconciliation which should be reconciled monthly between the bank account and the fund.
  • Form AC217-5
    Use this form to fill out the Changes to Petty Cash Funds for changes in custodians, location of the fund, etc and signed by responsible person.

Notary Public Appointment User Guide
Contains instructions for processing notary public appointments and renewals for University employees.

Procurement Card Vouchers
Contains information about processing VP7 documents related to PROCARDs See also Purchasing Office's web site about the Procurement Card Program, application, certification Training and FAQ.

The statement of account is covered in detail. This documentation is recommended for all UT employees who are new to the UT accounting function.

Student Publications
Publications related to student services.

Tuition & Fee Waivers
Contains information about procedures for fee waivers and a second handout which contains information about processing SS2 and SSB documents.