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Office of Accounting

What if I add/drop classes?

What if I add classes?

  • Payment for added courses is due by the 12th class day (the fourth class day of summer). Failure to make payment may result in the cancellation of a student's entire registration.

  • Financial aid recipients need to be aware that financial aid funds will not pay an add bill if the all funds have already been disbursed. The student is still responsible for paying what is owed by the due date.

  • Bills are not e-mailed; go to My Tuition Bill to determine the amount owed.

  • Visit How to Pay for information on payment methods.

What if I drop classes?

  • Refunds of tuition and fees, less any debt owed to the university, will be made for courses dropped during the first 12 class days (four class days during summer).

  • Refunds for dropped courses are issued after the 12th class day (the fourth class day during summer).

  • All refunds are mailed to the student’s local address or deposited into the account indicated on the Electronic Funds Transfer authorization.

  • If you paid the installment amount of the bill, your remaining balance will be adjusted by the amount of the refund.