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Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan Frequently Asked Questions

(formerly the Texas Tomorrow Fund)

How do I notify the University of Texas at Austin that I have the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP)?
You may fax a copy of your TGTP ID card to (512) 471-0212, attn: Special Billing. Be sure to include the student's full name, UT EID, the semester you want to begin using the TGTP, and a contact phone number. This information may also be submitted in person at MAI 4.

What do I need to do after I register?
You must complete your registration after signing up for classes by taking one of two actions by 5 p.m. on the payment due date. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your registration.

  • If you have selected optional fees, such as football tickets, a parking permit, or a year book, you will have a balance to pay. Go to My Tuition Bill.
  • If the TGTP covers your entire tuition bill, you must confirm attendance. You must take action to complete your registration by confirming your zero balance. Go to the View Bill option of My Tuition Bill and click Confirm Attendance button.

What is not covered by the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan?
The TGTP does not cover any fees that are not charged each semester to all students. Examples of these fees include the General Property Deposit, Affiliated Studies fee, or International Student fees. It also does not cover any optional fees added during registration, such as football tickets, parking permits, the Cactus yearbook, Student Speaker Series, or performance tickets.

How will my tuition bill look with the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan applied?
The TGTP appears as a credit to your tuition, listed by the line item "Less third party billing."

Will the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan pay for my summer classes?
Yes, but you must contact our office to have your summer tuition bill adjusted for the TGTP. We do not automatically apply the TGTP to summer tuition bills.

My TGTP coverage is no longer showing up on my tuition bill.
This situation may occur if you studied abroad, didn't attend the University of Texas at Austin for a semester, or if your plan coverage has been exhausted. Please contact Student Accounts Receivable to inquire about adjusting your tuition bill. We can be contacted at (512) 475-7777 or

How many hours are left on my Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan?
For the answers to questions specifically related to your TGTP account, please contact the TGTP office directly by calling (800) 445-4723 and choosing option two.

How is my Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan drawn down?
Your TGTP fund is decreased according to the number of credit hours you take each semester, rather than by the dollar amount of your tuition bill.

What happens when I have scholarships in addition to the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan?
TGTP is applied directly to the tuition balance first. Scholarships are then applied to any remaining tuition or other university charges. Any remaining amount of scholarship funds are released to the student and can be used for other related expenses such as textbooks.

How many credit hours are reported under flat rate tuition?
Your TGTP account is expended based upon the number of credit hours you take. The University of Texas at Austin bills TGTP for the actual number of semester credit hours for which you are enrolled, even though the flat rate tuition charge is the same dollar amount for 12 or more credit hours.