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Office of Accounting

Administrative Systems

Below is a list of the financial and administrative information systems and tools supported by the Office of Accounting. For a complete list of all University of Texas at Austin administrative applications, visit UT Direct.

Account Balances
UT Account Information

Account Balances by Unit
Displays or downloads account balances within a specified unit

Awards System
Create and manage scholarships, fellowships, cash prizes, and tuition reduction benefits

Capitalized and Controlled Asset Removal and Transfer System (CCART)
Transfer inventoried items to other departments or to Surplus

Clearing Account
Listing of Clearing Account Employees

*DEFINE Help Resources

Department System
Displays university departments organizationally

Departmental Inventory Portal
Update items for annual inventory

Effort Certification System
Researchers and their staff can review and certify employee effort on research projects, as required by regulations

Electronic Documents (eDoc)
Electronic Documents

Electronic Office Management (EOM)
View and change information about an electronic office

Emergency Cash Loans
Registered students can apply for an emergency student loan

Equipment Insurance
Annually-renewed equipment insurance

Expense Account Certification
Certify expense accounts

Financial Resource Management System (FRMS)
The framework for various online financial systems supported by the Office of Accounting

Financial Summary
Summary of balances a person owes the university and any amounts pending release to the person

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
A web-based integrated solution to human resource, employee, and payroll services

HUB Administration
Historically Underutilized Business administrative application

Image Retrieval System
The Image Retrieval System allows authorized University employees to view supporting documentation for accounting and other related financial transactions

Inquiry View Balances
Displays or downloads account balances within an inquiry view

My Bank Info
EFT Authorization Form on the web

My Inbox
Electronic document inbox

My Tuition Bill
Tuition and fees for current and past semesters, as well as fee receipts and upcoming payment due dates

My Tuition Bill - Promissory Note
View and print promissory notes

Object Code Balances
Displays or downloads object code balances for a specified account

Organizational Hierarchy System (OHS) Contacts System
Identify departmental contacts or other authorized roles

Create and process purchase orders

Report Writer Downloads
Downloads reports displayed in *DEFINE IF4

Request Form System
Create electronic travel, purchasing, and other types of requests

Research Management System
View the status of negotiations on research proposals

Secure Reporting System (SRS)
Downloads reports from *DEFINE PF15 jobs, AQAFRS, and IF2

Statement of Account Certification
View online statements of account and certify wage and salary accounts

Ticket Invoices
Displays invoices for centrally billed air and travel purchases

Transaction Listings
Displays or downloads transaction listings

Transfer of Funds to Project Accounts
Transfer funds to certain types of accounts

Transfer System
Create Requests for Transfer of Funds (RTF) documents

Tuition Loans
Registered students can apply for a tuition loan

The university's online storefront

Unit Code Balances
Displays balances for a month by unit code

Unit Code Maintenance

The University of Texas Driver Record Information and Verification System

UT Market
The university's electronic procrement system

Vendor Information
Displays vendor-specific information

What I Owe
Displays how much the user owes the university

Where's My Check
Information on checks written by the university

Where's My Traveler
Track activity of a university business traveler