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Office of Accounting

Non-employee Travel Reimbursements

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will this change be effective?
    The electronic process will be available starting July 24, 2004. Paper APS forms for such reimbursements will still be accepted initially, and Office of Accounting staff will follow up to inform the department of the new, more efficient method.
  2. What if the Vendor ID has not been set up yet?
    The Vendor ID must be created before the VE5 can be created. Use the GGV command in DEFINE to submit the Vendor Request, and submit the PIF to the Purchasing Office for processing.
  3. Will I need to get an SSN (Social Security Number) to set up the vendor?
    Yes. To comply with Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. Sec. 403.055 (Vernon Supp. 1992), the State Comptroller requires a person’s SSN to set up a vendor. If the person does not have an SSN because they are not a US citizen, you can request a temporary number when processing the GGV.
  4. Which traveler type should I use if a student is also an employee, non-employee, or prospective employee?
    If traveling as part of a course in which they are a student, the student traveler type should be used. If the purpose of the travel relates to the employee, non-employee, or prospective employee relationship to the university, then use the appropriate traveler type instead of student.
  5. Will receipts still be required?
  6. Should we reference the RTA number when using Centrally-billed airfare?
    Yes. When booking the flight, you will reference the RTA.
  7. For hotels, will we still do a VP2 and reference the approved VE5 (RTA)?
    Yes. When the hotel bill is paid directly by UT, the reimbursement will be done on a VP2 with a reference to the RTA.
  8. Can I use a VE6 if I need to change the information on the previously approved VE5?
    Yes. The VE6 can be used to modify the VE5 as many times as necessary before a VP5 is created. Once a VP5 has been created using the RTA number, a VE6 cannot be created.
  9. Who signs the new VP5 for non-employee visitors requesting only expense reimbursements? The visitors are usually long gone when we process their reimbursements!
    Non-employees will not need to sign the VP5.

    Employees and prospective employees are the only travelers who will be required to sign the VP5, since this is required by the State of Texas Travel Rules, as published in the "Travel Allowance Guide."
  10. Sometimes a Blanket APS form authorizing group travel expenses is easier to prepare than individual RTA's when there are 10 or more conference participants attending the same conference. We have, in the past, prepared these Blanket APS forms and attach a list of participants' names so we can direct bill hotel and airfare expenses. In these cases, the participants will not receive any payment for their services, no stipend, no honorarium, etc
    If you find a Blanket APS form is less time consuming than individual RTA's for conference participants or groups where 10 or more individuals are traveling to the same conference and no fees are paid for an honorarium or any services, you can continue to use the Blanket APS form for this purpose.