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Office of Accounting

About TXShop

TXShop is the online storefront for more than 70 University of Texas at Austin colleges and departments selling everything from t-shirts and coffee mugs to algae strains and dry ice.

TXShop provides departments with many of the same features they would expect from commercial shopping cart applications. Departments can specify member discounts, seasonal sales, shipping rates, special product information, and much more.

For more information, visit the TXShop home page.

If you have specific questions visit askUS (keyword TXShop) or contact the TXShop Stewards.

Here is a listing of administrative and application forms, training materials, and other resources currently available to assist departmental administrators:

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If you would like to suggest improvements to existing materials or have ideas for new materials you would find useful, please e-mail the TXShop Stewards.


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