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Budget Office

Budget Office Fiscal Year 1998-1999

Budget Information for Fiscal Year beginning September 1, 1998 and ending August 31, 1999.

1998 Operating Budget Calendar
The schedule for preparation of the 1998-99 budget has been discussed with the Executive Officers and the Dean's Council.

1998-99 Salary Policy

Long Session

*DEFINE Budget Electronic Document (BDL) Preparation Guide
Introduces the new electronic budget recommendation form instructions

Colleges and Departments checklist

Summer Session

Important 1998-1999 Budget Information
A campus-wide budget meeting is scheduled for February 27, 1998 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. in UTC 2.102A. This will be an important meeting for all budget prepares to attend, since there are so many changes to be aware of.

Executive Information Systems
UT Austin has stored budget information in a "data warehouse" which allows the budget data to be accessed via a software application called BrioQuery. BrioQuery allows budget users access to the exact budget data that is stored in the budget files in the Enterprise Server. BrioQuery requires no programming experience; users build queries and reports by "pointing and clicking" and reports and charts are quickly customized from the results. (For more information on this software, see the Brio Technology site.)

Currently the 1998-1999 budget information has been stored in the Executive Information System, as well as the budget information for three previous fiscal years.