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Budget Office

Operating Budget and Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) Calendar

FISCAL YEAR 2006-2007

The following schedule is established in order to meet the deadlines for UT System review and for approval by the Board of Regents.

UT Austin
2006-2007 Budget Preparation Calendar

 March 3 Load Budget data
 March 6 Open *DEFINE BDL/BFM to departments
Do clean up work and non-salary budgets
 March 20-24 Salary policy announced and funding allocations distributed
Allocations for E&G, centrally funded and flat rate non-E&G
 April 7 Major Goals/Policy hearing with System Administration
 April 11-18 Budgets due from Colleges/VPs
Include salary recommendations or salary increase reserves for Faculty and A&P
Classified and Wages include salary increase reserves
May 12 First draft of budget due to UT System Administration
May 12 to May 15 Documents returned to Colleges/VPs by request only
 May 22 All budgets due from Colleges
Faculty and A&P salary increase recommendations included
 May 26 All budgets due from VPs
A&P salary increase recommendations included
June 9 Final budget due to UT System Administration
June 22 Salary reports due to UT System Administration - High Ranking Employees,
Highly Compensated Employees
June - July Preparation of Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR)
July 13-14 Board of Regents approve executive compensation
August 10 Board of Regents approve Budget
August 14 Salary change report due to UT System
Early September Legislative Budget Board - LAR Hearing