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Budget Office

What do I budget?

Budget Groups that have been budgeted in the past

To see what budget groups are currently budgeted, use the Document Status Listing on the web:

If a budget group is on this list as budgeted, then an electronic budget document (BDL or web) has to be created and approved forward for it. As long as the budget group is listed as budgeted, the budget group will show up in the official budget.

If you want to zero out a budget, you must create the BDL, zero out the numbers and approve it forward. Because two years of data appears in the printed budget, a budget group can only be removed from the budget when both years are zero in the BDL.

New Budget Groups to the Budget


14 & 20 Accounts – These accounts have to be reconciled so they are only budgeted if there is a permanent funding source. The funding source would show up in Section 8 of the BDL as a commitment, allocation, or departmental transfer.


Designated (19) & Auxiliary (29) Funds – The general rule is that a budget group should have recurring annual income of $50,000 or more to be budgeted.

Service Center Accounts (18) – Any new service center budgets should be reviewed by the Indirect Cost section of the Office of Accounting (Virginia Oviedo)

Contracts & Grants (26) – Few departmental 26 accounts are budgeted through the operating budget process. Those that are budgeted are in large research units that use clearing accounts and have many administrative & professional personnel.

Gifts & Endowed Income (30) – Gifts are generally not budgeted in individual 30 accounts. Endowed 30 accounts can be budgeted using the payout rate of .3098 times the LTF units. The Budget Office added many new 30 accounts at the request of Dean’s Offices prior to the endowment income load so for these, the income is already in the BDL document.

For non-E&G accounts, the Budget Office analyzes the totals that have been budgeted at the department level and compares to actual trends in previous years. The Budget Office then creates BDLs on non-numeric budget groups (“dummy”) to bring the total budget in line with our forecasts.