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Budget Office

Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Calendar

UT Austin - Budget Office


Note: Due to the uncertainty of the legislative session, this calendar may change.

2011-12 Budget Preparation Calendar

The following schedule is established in order to meet the deadlines for UT System review and for approval by the Board of Regents.

October 13, 2010 (Wed) Open BF2 commands in *DEFINE to departments
March 30 (Wed) Budget information loaded by Budget Office
April 11 (Mon) Open BUD to departments
Update BUD accounts and information not related to positions
Review BUD position data and update HRMS information as needed to clean-up position information for position re-load
May 1 (Sun) Position information re-loaded from HRMS by Budget Office
May 2 (Mon) Continue working on BUDs
  Update accounts, positions, and information as needed in the BUD
Changes made in HRMS to positions that are in the BUD will not update the BUD
On these dates Budgets due to the Budget Office
May 23 (Mon) Continuing & Innovative Education, Information, Social Work, Undergraduate Studies, President’s Office, University Development Office, VP – Legal Affairs, VP – Public Affairs
May 25 (Wed) Architecture, Communication, Graduate Studies, Jackson School, LBJ School, Nursing, Pharmacy, VP – Diversity & Community Engagement, VP – Research, VP – Student Affairs
May 27 (Fri) Business, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Law School, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Provost Office, VP - Financial Affairs including Information Technology, VP – University Operations
May 24 - June 10 (Tue - Fri) Budget Office Review
May 30 (Mon) Legislative Session Ends
June 1 - 10 (Wed - Fri) Budget updates as needed per legislation
UT System budget hearing with the President
June 11 - June 28 (Sat - Tue) Budget Office - Complete institutional budgets, reconcile budget, and complete and review all required reports & schedules
June 29 (Wed) First draft budget and supporting schedules due to UT System
June 29 (Wed) Salary Reports due to UT System
July 5-7 (Tue - Thu) Technical budget review with System Administration
July 13-14 (Wed - Thu) Board of Regents’ Special Compensation Committee to review Presidents and Executive Officers compensation
July 18 (Mon) Final budget and supporting schedules due to UT System
August 15 (Mon) Salary change report due to UT System
August 25 (Thu) Board of Regents takes appropriate action on Operating Budget and Presidents and Executive Officers compensation