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Central Business Office

The Central Business Office (CBO) at The University of Texas at Austin is a centralized processing unit which reports to the Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The CBO organizes and manages financial and administrative operations for Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs). We provide services which give CSUs across campus the option to centralize their business and administrative functions and services. We are customer-focused, performance driven, and accountable to the customer’s executive level oversight and governance.


Customers across campus can contract with the CBO for services such as procurement, accounting, inventory, human resources, payments, and revenue collection. Identifying and implementing the centralized delivery of administrative functions provides improved efficiency. This is increasingly important as limited resources across the university are being reallocated to support its core academic, research, and public service mission.


The CBO brings value to its customers and the university as a whole by consolidating business and administrative functions and implementing a best practices approach to these services. By having financial and business professionals manage and process business transactions, research and academic resources are freed up to focus on their areas of expertise.

CSUs that contract with the CBO for services can expect to:

  • Maintain and/or improve service quality
  • Increase career opportunities for staff
  • Reduce costs

Working Together

The CBO manages service delivery to customers through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that clearly document responsibilities of the CBO and the requesting CSU, as well as how the two groups interact.

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