Scholarship/Fellowship Views

This User Guide is organized according to each of the top-level navigation options: Home, Search, Scholarship, Create and Document.

Views - Top level navigation



The Home page serves as an index for FRMS features, tools, and information. The page automatically appears when you open FRMS from your browser.

Home view


The Search tab allows users to conduct searches using various search criterion methods, filters, and search boxes.

Search tab

The Search tab allows the following types of searches and returns a list of all existing documents that match the search. A search method must be selected to perform the search.

Upon viewing the search results, data can be sorted by column by clicking on the column heading. The following columns can be sorted: scholarship status, create date, recipient, scholarship description, amount, and academic year columns. Data may also be limited to show a specific academic year or financial aid semesters for which the award has been applied. The recipient and scholarship description columns have search criteria boxes. Under Recipient, type a first name, a last name, or a UT EID.
Search results 



Scholarship view

The Scholarship tab allows users to search by Scholarship ID in order to view details of the Scholarship/Fellowship. Type the Scholarship ID and click Go. The screen display depends on the status of the document.

If the Scholarship/Fellowship has been final approved, the Scholarship tab will display the details of the award.
Scholarship information

If the Scholarship/Fellowship document is still in progress, the Document tab will display the document for review.
Scholarship document



Create tab


The Create tab is used to begin the process of creating a Scholarship/Fellowship document. Before a Scholarship/Fellowship document can be created, the following conditions must be reviewed and certified:


For more detailed instructions on creating a Scholarship/Fellowship document, see Create a New Scholarship, Fellowship, or Cash Prize.


The Document tab will display the contents of a Scholarship/Fellowship document or a Scholarship/Fellowship Modify document. When a Document ID is entered, the user will view the contents of the document from the Document tab .


Document tab

The Document tab allows users to travel to a Scholarship/Fellowship document or a Scholarship/Fellowship Modify document. The user will enter the Document ID and click Go.