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Transfer System

Executive Summary

The FRMS Transfers project will simplify and streamline the process of creating requests for transfer of funds (RTFs).

The project will:

  • facilitate quick, reliable creation of RTFs
  • reduce labor content in the administrative processes
  • improve accuracy and accountability in transaction processing

The FRMS Transfer System project involves implementing a Web system to replace account transfers functionality currently hosted in *DEFINE. Transfer functionality will no longer be determined by individual transfer document types, and object codes will be programmatically assigned to individual transactions. The system will prompt users for the information necessary to automatically generate the appropriate accounting transactions. It will also improve controls around the allowability of transfers, requiring less manual review in processing offices.

The FRMS Transfers project is aligned with the goals and vision of the Financial Resource Management System (FRMS).

FRMS Transfer System Project Charter

Overview and Timeline

Information for Electronic Office Managers