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UT Goods and Services

This project has been cancelled.

UT Goods and Services (UTGS) is an online shopping portal for the purchase of university goods and services. UTGS is being developed in several phases as a subsystem of FRMS where departments can purchase goods and services from other departments (service centers). Currently, a department places an order for goods or services via website, phone, e-mail, or in person, and the service center bills the requesting department by processing a VT5 document, which the requesting department does not have the opportunity to review.

The UTGS project seeks to address overall needs for the distribution of university goods and services. The scope of the project includes:

  • Interdepartmental charges (VT5 and VT7) moved to FRMS
  • Departmental coding provided on the document(s)
  • Some correction of charges (VT6) may be moved to FRMS as part of this project.
  • Provide a way for individuals and departments to order free services.
  • Make services payable one time (buy Wi-fi or ResNet by semester or academic year) or on a recurring basis (reload Bevo Bucks card, SharePass, etc.)
  • Review the administrative policies, processes, and systems related to the processing of VT5 and VT7 documents, service centers, and the sale of university goods to university departments.
  • Make reporting information and metadata available in some format to individuals and departments. Reporting options include a way for individuals and departments to view bills.

The project objectives include:

  • Document current business processes and recommendations
  • Plan for and execute process and system changes to university services
  • Standardize service discovery, purchase/claim, billing, invoicing, triggering provisioning, and tracking
  • Centralize and streamline billing, invoicing, and tracking to allow particular services to interact with UTGS
  • Determine whether TXShop stores should be included in UTGS
  • Improve the efficiency of processes
  • Make information readily available to campus departments and individuals in order to facilitate effective decision making
  • Ensure resulting system and service delivery is cost effective and flexible

Phase one will focus on ITS services. Future phase will encompass non-ITS university services. However, all development will be geared toward providing all university goods and services, and will be in response to the findings and recommendations of project participants.