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ID Center News

As of April 1, 2010, the ID Center no longer accepts paper requests to designate Official Visitor status and issue UT ID cards.

Departments are now required to use HRMS to designate an individual as eligible to receive access to libraries, parking, RecSports, etc.). Before the ID Center will issue a UT ID card to an individual, the person’s assignment in HRMS must be final approved.

To learn more about this functionality in HRMS, visit the HRMS Training Resources page and refer to the instructions and resources below.

Instructions for designating the correct UT ID card privileges in HRMS

Beginning Aug. 12, 2010, university affiliates will be eligible to receive their first standard ID card for free. As a result, the UT ID Card (standard) privilege code will be removed from the HRMS interface since university affiliates will be eligible for this type of card automatically. The cost of BACS (Building Access Control System) cards will continue to be billed to the HRMS incidental account.

University affiliates will be required to pay for any replacement cards by presenting a check or money order upon receipt to the ID Center.

Also beginning Aug. 12, 2010, benefits eligible and non-benefits eligible employees, will receive their first standard or BACS cards for free. The employee will be responsible for the cost of any subsequent replacement cards. This policy has been true for benefits eligible employees in the past, but is now being expanded to include non-benefits eligible employees as well.

For more information, visit the ID Center.

Student Employee Insurance

This informative presentation includes details on benefits eligibility for graduate students employed in academic positions. Also discussed is summer insurance eligibility for continuing students and new student employees.

Graduate Coordinators Network Presentation (PDF) or download as a PowerPoint presentation.