Campus Conversation


Campus Conversation

During the spring semester of 2014, faculty and students at The University of Texas at Austin were invited to participate in a university-wide discussion about the unique value and future of the undergraduate educational experience. 

A Kick-Off meeting was held on February 18, hosted by both President Bill Powers and Provost Greg Fenves. The goals for Campus Conversation were discussed as well as the challenges and opportunities facing the campus. The first Campus Conversation was held on March 6, 2014 on “Leveraging Technology for Teaching and Learning”. This event included a panel of faculty presenting examples of their current use of technology and interactive discussions with the participants. The second Campus Conversation on the “Undergraduate Residential Experience” was held on March 24, 2014 and led by Dean Brent Iverson with faculty and students. This event emphasized the importance of the student perspective in articulating the value of the residential experience at UT. The third Campus Conversation was held on April 14 and focused on the “Profile of a 21st Century Graduate” with a dialogue between Senior Vice Provost David Laude and MIT Professor and Associate Dean Hazel Sive.     

Following the initial Campus Conversation events, a Symposium was held on Friday, September 5, 2014.  A Faculty Working Group was formed to develop the agenda for the Symposium and made recommendations for engaging faculty in serious discussions in the departments and colleges about undergraduate education.

Campus Conversation was developed and coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning.  Please view the event pages on this website to view the videos and other information.

Attend Events

Event # 1: Leveraging New Technologies for Teaching and Learning - March 6

Event # 2: The Transformative power of the Residential experience - March 24 

Event # 3: Profile of a 21st Century UT Graduate - April 14

Campus Conversation Faculty Symposium: - September 5