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facilityWORQS is CPFM’s support center for FAMIS, our Facilities Asset Management Information System. FAMIS is used by more than 600 CPFM employees to perform a broad range of functions including work management, project management, job costing, and inventory control. Over 100,000 work orders are processed through FAMIS each year, with roughly half of those in support of our preventive maintenance program.

Login & Authorization

Login to FAMIS What you can do in FAMIS is determined by your assigned user role. We follow the principle of least privilege in granting FAMIS roles, which means that users are given the lowest level of access required to perform their essential job functions. The FAMIS Role Authorization form must be approved and signed by the authorizing Director or AD.


  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    Step-by-step, screen-by-screen guides show how to perform common tasks in FAMIS. We have recently begun compiling and publishing Departmental SOPs in addition to the generic FAMIS SOPs. All SOP documents are in PDF format and can be viewed through a web browser or downloaded to your computer.

  • Configuration Tables

    Most FAMIS forms use lookup tables for the List of Values (LOV) buttons in FAMIS. This section provides details on frequently used picklists.

  • Additional Resources

    The most current building lists for main campus and PRC can be found here, along with workflow diagrams.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    This section provides detailed directions for some of the more challenging FAMIS tasks, along with solutions for commonly encountered problems; it includes links to a number of how-to guides in PDF format. If you would like to see a topic added, please share your thoughts with us at

  • Support Request Form

    Use this form to request additional support if your issue isn't addressed in the above sections.


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