TCC Odyssey: Word for Word Speaker Series

March 26, 2014
6:30 pm–8:30 pm

Enjoy six different lectures on a variety of topics and get a well rounded taste of the many talented lecturers and professors at UT as well as local scholars!

The Word for Word Speaker Series has been a UT Odyssey program favorite for years. Register for the entire Word for Word series and receive a discount off your enrollment (please note the discount is already built into the course fee)!

Spring 2014 Word for Word Lectures:

  • It’s Not the End of the World: Things they Never Told You About the Book of Revelation

  • American English Dialects

  • Shakespeare’s Brain: An Introduction

  • The Next Step: A Politics of Transformation

  • What Was Modernism (and Does It Still Matter)?

  • Immigration Politics: A Comparative Perspective