Algebra 2A

Course Description

Uses the ASKME® model to introduce functions, with a focus on multiple representations.  Also focuses on the exploration of linear functions and how to solve linear equations.  This course is entirely online. (Prerequisite: Algebra 1)

Required Course Materials

TI-83 graphing calculator

Course Organization

Chapter Movies. These animations will show you a problem that you will learn about throughout the unit.
Activities. The Activities are practice assignments. Each Activity is a non-graded exercise that allows you to build your knowledge and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Generally, the Activities consist of:
  Introduction: A short introduction to the Activity.
  Review Exercises: Short review assignments that you submit for a grade. These are required and must be completed to finish the course.
  Tutorials: Animations that teach concepts and ideas.
  Guided Practice Questions: Questions to answer with the help of hints.
Graded Assignments. Graded Assignments are the tasks you will submit to your instructor for a grade. Each assignment contains specific information about how your work will be assessed and how credit will be given for your responses. The average of your assignments will count for 75 percent of your course grade.

Final Examination

The final examination is comprehensive; it covers the material from all of the units. To pass the course, you must receive a grade of 70 percent or better. You can apply to take the Final Exam after 100 percent of your graded assignments have been submitted, and at least 70 percent have been graded and returned to you.
Format: Multiple-choice, short answer
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Materials Allowed: 2 pencil, graphing calculator, computer-graded answer sheet provided

Course Outline

Total Number of Units: 4
Total Number of Activities: 36
Total Number of Graded Assignments: 12
Instructor Graded (Online submission): 12

Unit 1: Foundations of Functions
Chapter 1: Transformations
  Activity 1: Domain and Range
  Activity 2: Translations
  Activity 3: Translations Affecting the Funtion Rule
  Activity 4: Dilations
Chapter 2: Applying Transformations
  Activity 5: Linear Functions
  Activity 6: Linear Transformations
  Activity 7: Exponential Transformations
  Activity 8: Reflections

Unit 2: Linear Functions
Chapter 1: Overview of Linear Functions
  Activity 1: Exploring Linear Functions
  Activity 2: Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 2: Systems of Linear Equations
  Activity 3: Solving Systems by Substituting and Graphing
  Activity 4: Solving Systems by Elimination
  Activity 5: Solving Systems with Three Variables
Chapter 3: Organizing Data and Using Matrices
  Activity 6: Addition, Subtraction and Scalar Multiplication of Matrices
  Activity 7: Matrix Multiplication
  Activity 8: Solving Linear Systems Using Matrices
Chapter 4: Systems of Inequalities
  Activity 9: Graphing Systems of Inequalities
  Activity 10: Linear Programming

Unit 3: Quadratic Functions
Chapter 1: Introduction to Quadratic Functions
  Activity 1: The Quadratic Parent Function and its Transformations
  Activity 2:Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form
Chapter 2: Applications of Quadratic Functions
  Activity 3: Completing the Square
  Activity 4: Applications of Quadratic Functions
  Activity 5: Quadratic Functions and Finite Differences
Chapter 3: Introduction to Square Root Functions
  Activity 6: The Inverse of a Function
  Activity 7: The Square Root Function

Unit 4: Quadratic Equations
Chapter 1: Solving Quadratic Equations
  Activity 1: Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
  Activity 2: Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing
  Activity 3: Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square
  Activity 4: The Quadratic Formula
Chapter 2: Analyzing Quadratic Functions
  Activity 5: Analyzing Quadratic Functions Using Tables and Graphs
  Activity 6: The Discriminant and the Zeroes of the Quadratic Function
  Activity 7: Complex Numbers
  Activity 8: Analyzing Quadratic Inequalities
Chapter 3: Solving Square Root Equations
  Activity 9: Modeling Square Root Functions and Solving Equations by Graphing and Tables
  Activity 10: Solving Equations Involving the Square Root Algebraically
  Activity 11: Solving Inequalities Involving the Square Root Function