English 2B

Course Description

Continuation of English 2; incorporating the study of both grammar and literature. A strong writing component includes activities that encourage the development of grammar skills. Course encourages creative writing and reflection on the diverse text selections, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Writing assignments focus on standard modes of writing.

Required Course Materials

Course Lesson Organization

Objectives. The objectives for each lesson will help you focus your efforts. They indicate the concepts and skills you must understand or master when you complete the lesson.
Reading Assignments. Each lesson specifies the selections that must be read.
Introduction. The Introduction section of each lesson provides key terms and concepts that give you background for the lesson.
Self-Assessment Activities. These activities help to build your knowledge and skills and to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Some activities direct you to Internet sites with supplemental material for the lesson. All activities prepare you for the graded assignments and for mastering course materials.
Graded Assignments. Each assignment provides information about how your work will be assessed and how credit will be given for your responses. Most assignments will be submitted online and graded by your instructor. Some assignments will be computer-graded. The average of your assignments counts as 75 percent of your course grade. The Final Examination counts as the other 25 percent. You can apply to take the Final Exam after 100 percent of your graded assignments have been submitted, and at least 70 percent have been graded and returned to you.

Final Examination

The final examination is comprehensive; it covers the material from all of the lessons. To pass the course, you must receive a grade of 70 percent or better.
Format: Multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions testing literary terms, characterization, fact and opinion, cause and effect, knowledge of grammar, and vocabulary.
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Materials Allowed: #2 pencil

Course Outline

Total Number of Lessons: 10
Total Number of Activities: 47
Total Number of Graded Assignments: 14
Instructor Graded (Online submission): 14
Computer Graded: 0

Lesson 1: Finding Your Identity: Learning from Experience
  Activity 1: Remembering Chronological Order
  Activity 2: Comprehension Questions: "One Thousand Dollars"
  Activity 3: Flashback and Chronological Order in "Initiation"
  Activity 4: Comparing and Contrasting
  Activity 5: External Conflict: An Interplay of Cause and Effect
Graded Assignment 1: Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 2: Finding Your Identity through Heritage
  Activity 1: Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion
  Activity 2: Reading between the Lines
  Activity 3: Shades of Meaning
  Activity 4: Cultural Context
  Activity 5: Understanding Purpose and Style
Graded Assignment 2: Oral History

Lesson 3: Search for Identity: Examining Convictions
  Activity 1: Point of View
  Activity 2: Author’s Purpose: Understanding Tone and Diction
  Activity 3: The Speaker’s Voice
  Activity 4: Reviewing Point of View and Irony
  Activity 5: Writing Complete Sentences
Graded Assignment 3: Lesson 3 Review

Lesson 4: Shakespeare: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Part 1
  Activity 1: Cast of Characters
  Activity 2: Identifying Conflict
  Activity 3: Foreshadowing
  Activity 4: Blank Verse
  Activity 5: Shakespearean English
Graded Assignment 4: Lesson 4 Review
Graded Assignment 5: Visiting the Globe Theater

Lesson 5: Shakespeare: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Part 2
  Activity 1: Character Analysis
  Activity 2: Rhetorical Devices
  Activity 3: Soliloquy and Aside
  Activity 4: Dramatic Irony
Graded Assignment 6: Mark Antony’s Funeral Speech

Lesson 6: Appearance versus Reality
  Activity 1: Clues and Conclusions
  Activity 2: Tone and Setting
  Activity 3: Modern Poetry
  Activity 4: Literature in Performance: Robert Frost (Optional)
Graded Assignment 7: Lesson 6 Review

Lesson 7: Author Study: John Steinbeck
  Activity 1: Understanding the Author’s Purpose
  Activity 2: The Great Depression
  Activity 3: Comic Irony
  Activity 4: Preparing to Write
Graded Assignment 8: Lesson 7 Review
Graded Assignment 9: Persuasive Speech
Graded Assignment 10: Analyzing Photos

Lesson 8: Learning from History
  Activity 1: The Korean War
  Activity 2: Evaluating an Argument
  Activity 3: The Holocaust
  Activity 4: Japanese Internment
  Activity 5: Memoirs
Graded Assignment 11: Lesson 8 Review

Lesson 9: Bless Me, Ultima: Coming of Age, Part 1
  Activity 1: Character Development
  Activity 2: Study Questions for Bless Me, Ultima, Chapters 1-12
  Activity 3: Identifying Symbols
  Activity 4: Figurative Language
  Activity 5: Writing Complete Sentences
  Activity 6: Correcting Run-On Sentences
Graded Assignment 12: Newspaper Project

Lesson 10: Bless Me, Ultima: Coming of Age, Part 2
  Activity 1: Study Questions for Bless Me, Ultima, Chapters 13-22
  Activity 2: Characterization
  Activity 3: Character Analysis
  Activity 4: Theme Analysis
Graded Assignment 13: Lesson 10 Review
Graded Assignment 14: Interpretive Essay