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Individual and Family Life

Course Description

Introduces students to the complexities of family life, including the concepts and skills related to the individual’s role within the family life, parenting, and special concerns of the family.

Required Course Materials

Leavenworth, Carol, et al., Family Living, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1991, ISBN 0-13-301961-6

Course Lesson Organization

Objectives. The objectives for each lesson will help you focus your efforts. They indicate the concepts and skills you must understand or master when you complete the lesson.
Reading Assignments. Each lesson specifies the selections that must be read.
Introduction. The Introduction section of each lesson provides key terms and concepts that give you background for the lesson.
Self-Assessment Activities. These activities help to build your knowledge and skills and to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Some activities direct you to Internet sites with supplemental material for the lesson. All activities prepare you for the graded assignments and for mastering course materials.
Graded Assignments. Each assignment provides information about how your work will be assessed and how credit will be given for your responses. Most assignments will be submitted online and graded by your instructor. Some assignments will be computer-graded. The average of your assignments counts as 50 percent of your course grade. The Final Examination counts as the other 50 percent. You can apply to take the Final Exam after 70 percent of your graded assignments have been completed, graded, and returned to you.

Final Examination

The final examination is comprehensive; it covers the material from all of the lessons. To pass the course, you must receive a grade of 70 percent or better.
Format: Multiple-choice, short answer, essay , course project.
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Materials Allowed: none

Course Outline

Total Number of Lessons: 10
Total Number of Activities: 38
Total Number of Graded Assignments: 19
Instructor Graded (Online submission): 2
Instructor Graded (US Mail submission): 17
Computer Graded: 0

Lesson 1: You, Your Personality, and Your Values
Activity 1: Basic Needs
Activity 2: Defining Qualities
Activity 3: Resolving Conflict
Activity 4: Drug Awareness
Activity 5: Personality Profile
Activity 6: Leadership Styles

Lesson 2: Work and You: Making Decisions
Activity 1: Preparing For a Career
Activity 2: Career Ideas
Activity 3: What Do You Like Doing?
Activity 4: Parliamentary Proceure

Lesson 3: Family Life Patterns and Understanding Others
Activity 1: Family Life Cycle
Activity 2: Communication and Conflict Resolution
Activity 3: Understanding Others
Activity 4: Friendship

Lesson 4: Your Adult Role: Choosing a Lifestyle, Choosing a Mate
Activity 1: Selecting a Mate
Activity 2: Dating Skills
Activity 3: Love versus Infatuation
Activity 4: Coping with a Breakup
Activity 5: Sexual Identity

Lesson 5: Dating, Engagement, and Readiness for Commitment
Activity 1: Sexuality Issues
Activity 2: Preventing AIDS
Activity 3: Preventing Date Rape
Activity 4: Rapport Scale

Lesson 6: The Committed Relationship
Activity 1: Minimizing Conflict in Marriage
Activity 2: Coping with Stress
Activity 3: Improving Communication Skills

Lesson 7: Management in Family Life
Activity 1: Time Management
Activity 2: Budgeting for a Family
Activity 3: Managing Your Checking Account

Lesson 8: Family Planning
Activity 1: Readiness for Parenthood
Activity 2: Special Parenting
Activity 3: Cost of Raising a Child

Lesson 9: Entrepreneurship
Activity 1: Free Enterprise System
Activity 2: Being an Entrepreneur
Activity 3: Types of Business Ownership

Lesson 10: Special Concerns in the Family: Crises, Aging, and Death
Activity 1: Family Crises
Activity 2: Crisis Hotlines
Activity 3: Dysfunctional Families

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