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Stimulating. Insightful. Humorous. Engaging. Nourishment for the Brain and the Soul.

UT FORUM™’s educational programs strive to achieve those qualities and more. Three times each year - fall, winter and spring - a six-week session of seminars focused on a single topic and general-interest lectures is offered to UT FORUM™ members. The topics and presenters are selected by UT FORUM™ volunteer committees that attempt to appeal to our members’ wide-ranging interests. All programs are held at the UT Joe C. Thompson Conference Center on the UT Campus.


For each six-week session, UT FORUM™ members divide into three groups to attend one of three concurrent seminars at 9:15am and one of three different offerings at 11:00am. Members select one of these three options at the beginning of each session.

For each topic, most seminars utilize the same presenter each week; some feature different speakers within a single topic. Our presenters include current and retired UT faculty and administrators, professionals, authors and other experts in their field. Most of them supplement their presentations with written information, or suggest books to read before or during the six weeks of seminars.


Because all members attend the afternoon lectures, topics are broader in scope than the seminars, but no less informative and entertaining. Recent lecture topics include:

  • Plagues: Past, Present and Future
  • Outsourcing the U.S. Economy
  • Limericks: Five Lines and a Laugh
  • The Problem of Energy
  • Life and Times of Miriam Ferguson and the History of the Governor’s Mansion
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