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The UT LAMP™ Lecture and Seminar Curriculum is drawn from many areas of interest:

  1. US and Global Business and Economics
  2. The Creative Arts
  3. World, US, and Texas History
  4. Contemporary Living
  5. Public Affairs and Political Science
  6. Natural and Technical Sciences

The structure of the UT LAMP™ lecture curriculum provides unique flexibility for the UT LAMP™ member. Each lecture is completely independent, thus allowing members to tailor their attendance according to their interests and schedules. Seminars are presented on a single, specific subject during each six-week term. Members may elect to attend all of the lectures and all of the seminar sessions, or any combination of lectures and seminar sessions, with no advance sign-up required for any particular lecture or seminar session.

Before the start of each term, UT LAMP™ members receive a Schedule that provides information about the lectures and seminars to enable them to plan their attendance.

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