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Monday Morning Discussion Group

Each Monday morning throughout the year (except when the building is closed for UT holidays), interested LAMP members convene in Room 2.108 in the Thompson Conference Center for a spirited discussion of current events. All members are welcome to attend.

LAMP Book Discussion Group

Every six to eight weeks, LAMP members interested in participating in the book club read an interesting and thought provoking selection chosen by the group. At the end of this period, the group meets to discuss the selection on a Monday from 11:30am to 12:30pm in Room 2.108 in the TCC, immediately following that day’s Monday morning discussion group.

Out-Of-Town Tours

When arranged, announcements will be made for these optional trips in the newsletter and at morning lectures. These optional trips are organized at as reasonable cost as is possible.

In-Town Tours

These in-town tours are optional and, when planned, are provided for free or at a reasonable cost.

Books for exchange/borrowing

The LAMP office provides an area for this book exchange. Members are free to browse, donate, borrow, or exchange books on the designated shelves. Some tapes are also available. Some lecturers have also generously donated books which they have authored. These are available to be checked out, and then returned.


Cyberlamp is a Yahoo e-group that is moderated by a LAMP member. While Cyberlamp is not an official LAMP function, it provides an easy way for members to communicate with each other (email goes to all in the group) on items of interest. It is also used to alert the subscribers to last-minute changes in the curriculum and serves as a mechanism for reminders about upcoming events. Any LAMP member may join Cyberlamp.


The LAMPlighter is a newsletter distributed periodically to members to provide information on current and future LAMP events/news. The first edition in the fall contains information on new members.

Fall End-of-Term Dinner, Spring End-of-Term Social

The events are listed - with dates - in the annual membership directory. Reservations are required. Times will be announced in class and in The LAMPlighter when the sign-up sheets will be available in the office. Guests may be included.

Cecil and Margie Hale Scholarship Fund

In recognition of the benefits of education, LAMP gives at least two scholarships each year to UT students who plan to become teachers. Contributions may be made through the School of Education and may also be in memory of, or to honor, another person. A fun, benefit performance of a notable play by a local theater company has been arranged the past few years. The fund has been designated a presidential endowed fund. If you would like to contribute to this fund, click HERE and print the displayed form. (Note: at the bottom of the form is a LINK that you can use to contribute electronically via credit card).

Annual Membership Directory

Each LAMP member receives a printed copy of the pocket-sized membership directory at the start of the fall term. In addition to contact information for members, the directory includes other pertinent LAMP and UT information.

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