:: UT NOVA Curriculum


During each of the three annual sessions, the UT NOVA™ members meet each Wednesday starting at 9:30 am. At the beginning of each session, members register for their choice of two separate 90 minute seminars. The first begins at 9:30am and the second begins at 11:15am. Members have at least three different seminars at each time slot to choose from. For each topic, most seminars utilize the same presenter each week; some feature different speakers within a single topic. Our presenters include current and retired UT faculty and administrators, outside professionals, authors and other experts in their field.


In the afternoon, all members attend the same general interest lecture that begins at 1:45 pm. The topic of the lecture varies from week to week. All programs are held at the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center at the University of Texas at Austin campus. Because all members attend the afternoon lectures, topics are broader in scope than the seminars, but no less informative and entertaining. Upcoming lecture topics include:
• Worldwide Landscape of Counterfeit Prescription Drugs
• Peering into the Human Brain: Neuroimaging at UT
• Design for a Vulnerable Planet – Landscape Architecture
• Science Secrets: the Truth about Darwin’s Finches, Einstein’s Wife, and Other Myths
• Rogues and Heroes: Texas General Land Office
• A Special Agent Chasing Shadows

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