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The UT NOVA Executive Committee has established a tax deductible UT NOVA Excellence Fund within The University of Texas structure for receiving gifts and endowments. The fund, which is located within Continuing Education, is designated as a “Various Donors, Various Purposes” fund and thus can receive funds from anyone and can be used for various purposes within the general guidelines established by The University of Texas at Austin. This is a flexible structure which can provide for future programs or endowments should that possibility arise. Administration, accounting and investment services for the fund are provided by The University of Texas.

Achieving further excellence in adult education for UT NOVA participants is the primary purpose of the fund. The fund will be used for materials, resources, facilities, program and administrative support beyond those provided by tuition payments from the members.

Please consider donating to the UT NOVA Excellence Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

You may make a donation with a credit card by visiting the Continuing Education Donation Page.

You may also make a donation by writing a check made payable to The University of Texas at Austin. Please include this UT Nova Excellence Fund Donation Form.

If you are interested in more information about the fund:

Statement of Purpose

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