:: UT NOVA Program Description


UT NOVA is the fifth in a series of very successful Osher Lifelong Learning Institute programs including, UT LAMP™, UT QUEST™, UT SAGE™, and UT FORUM™. UT NOVA™ was created in the Spring of 2009 in response to a continuing interest in lifelong learning opportunities at UT that could no longer be accommodated by the other four programs.

UT NOVA™ is a community of adults who continue to seek learning opportunities to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Our members come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds and have a vast array of interests in the arts, science, technology, politics, and history. We attempt to develop a curriculum to meet this variety of interests.


Each Wednesday during three six-week sessions in the Fall, Winter and Spring, UT NOVA™ members participate in two morning seminars and one afternoon lecture presented at the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center. Each seminar consists of six presentations on a single topic over a six week session whereby the topic of the lectures vary from week to week over the six week session. The seminars are arranged to allow a member to select from three different programs for each of the two morning sessions. An annual fee of $305 covers a member’s participation in the program for all three six-week sessions.

In addition to various field trips, members gather at a social event to develop new friendships and renew existing ones at the conclusion of each six-week period.


UT NOVA™’s educational programs are designed to meet the continuing professional, recreational, and social interests of our membership. We strongly believe that one size does not fit all and strive to provide a wide variety of learning experiences to expand on current interests or to inspire new passions. We believe in mixing the serious with the not so serious to provide a fun learning experience along-side our more traditional courses.

The UT NOVA™ curriculum is developed by volunteer committees made up of the UT NOVA™ membership. Many UT NOVA™ members have special relationships with the University of Texas faculty and other members of the Austin professional, social, political, and artistic community that are leveraged to bring outstanding learning opportunities to our program. New Members are encouraged to become engaged with the curriculum committees to develop future seminar and lecture programs.

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