:: UT SAGE Enrichment

The enrichment programs are designed to be a thoughtful and entertaining introduction to the three sessions that UT SAGE members enjoy each year: Winter, Spring and Fall. A group of volunteers plan and arrange these programs that signal for us all that a new semester is beginning the following week.

Just to give you an idea of the kinds of enrichment programs we’ve enjoyed in the past, the last few were:

  • The new Dell Medical School discussion of future buildings, medical care, and educational opportunities in the City of Austin and for UT
  • A new look at the LBJ legacy on the UT campus: the LBJ library and the LBJ school of public affairs
  • An updated look at National Security issues brought to us by Admiral Bobby Inman
  • A celebration of the Musical Arts brought to us by the UT School of Music
  • A series of lectures on Technology and its future impact on everyday life
  • As you can see, these programs reflect the varied interests of UT SAGE members, who then go on to enjoy the multifarious courses presented each semester for their “growth and enrichment.”

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