:: UT SAGE Program Description

UT SAGE™ (Seminars for Adult Growth and Enrichment) has 360 members who represent a broad spectrum of adult professionals, homemakers, and community volunteers and share the common desire to pursue life-long learning opportunities in a university environment. The members’ wide range of life experience immeasurably enriches the program curriculum and invites lively social interaction and intellectual exchanges of ideas - what SAGE likes to call “serious fun.”

UT Sage memberships are no longer available for the 2015-2016 year. If you are interested in joining UT Sage for the 2015 - 2016 program year, please add your name and contact information to the ‘Join Prospective Member List.’ You will be notified on April 7, 2015 by email, when spaces become available. Memberships will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

What We Do

UT SAGE™ is a member-directed, self-supporting program whose members volunteer to serve on various committees charged with planning the enrichment lecture programs, seminars, socials, and field trips. The committees work closely with the UT OLLI program administrator.

The program year is divided into three six-week sessions: fall, winter, and spring. An annual fee of $305 covers a member’s participation in the half-day enrichment lecture program which kicks off each seminar session (click on Enrichment Lecture Programs to view sample programs) and registration for four in-depth study seminars per six-week session. Seminar offerings cover a wide range of topics, ranging from art, music, religion, and literature to history, science, technology and current events.

In addition, two one-day field trips per year are offered (click on Social and Travel to learn more about socializing and travel opportunities) and three end-of-session dinners are planned by energetic committee volunteers, providing additional opportunities for social interaction and intellectual stimulation. All extracurricular activities are optional and at extra cost. From time to time, Special Interest Groups which meet off-campus are formed by members interested in areas outside the regular UT SAGE curriculum.

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