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Applied Mathematics for the Petroleum and Other Industries 4th ed. - Tablet Edition

Employees, student and others who are involved in the petroleum and other industries are discovering that operation of their facilities includes equipment, products, and systems requiring knowledge of mathematics. From the simplest valve to the automated operation of sophisticated production systems, mathematics is an integral part of understanding how they function.

This edition of Applied Mathematics for the Petroleum and Other Industries is designed to provide both a text and reference source in one book that covers basic mathematics as well as advanced technology. Handheld calculators are available with basic mathematic functions as well as specialized functions (such as exponents, logic functions, trigonometric functions, etc.) and use of these is suggested as the book is studied.

When used as a refresher course in elementary mathematics, it is assumed that the user will refer to those chapters where review is needed. Practice problems and self-tests are provided to assist the learners in testing their skills in the appropriate areas.

When used as a technical reference, the book gives basic guidelines and examples in a number of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical areas that are commonly found in the field.

Each chapter includes objectives, how-to information, practice problems, and a self-test. Comprehensive appendixes provide valuable reference tables, commonly used formulas, and conversion factors. Answers are included in the back of the book.
ISBN 0-88698-211-1. 2004, 320 pp.
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