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The Drawworks and the Compound - Tablet Edition

REQUIREDThe drawworks is a part of the system that rotary drilling rigs use for hoisting, or lifting, the drill stem and casing out of the hole. A compounding transmission, or compound, sends power from the engines to the drawworks, the rotary table, and the mud pumps. This training manual gives an overview of both these pieces of machinery and how they are used together to do the hoisting work of the rotary rig. Topics include: * The hoisting system * Components of the drawworks * Getting power to the drawworks * Transmissions * Clutches * Main and auxiliary brakes * Catshaft * Lubrication Readable language, clearly labeled illustrations and photographs, a glossary, and helpful self-test review questions help the reader to comprehend the material. This lesson replaces “The Hoist” in the series.
1995, 132 pp. ISBN 0-88698-171-9.
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