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Practical Petroleum Geology, 2nd Ed. - Tablet Edition


From the perspective of a practicing petroleum geologist, this book describes geology in relation to the petroleum industry. Includes discussions of basic geological concepts, accumulation of hydrocarbons, exploration, economic examination, exploratory wells, and oil and gas recovery. Geology is a wide-ranging branch of science, and an understanding of geology is an essential part of the search for and acquisition of petroleum. Petroleum geologists must understand how petroleum accumulates and migrates and the kinds of areas where it becomes trapped. They must also know how to explore formations and the ways in which to narrow the odds in favor of discovery. Learn how geologists help companies search for undiscovered oil and gas and analyze the economics of a venture, test the formations being drilled, and develop fields to meet the worldwide demand for oil and gas. Newly updated, colorfully illustrated, special reader features, a glossary, and index. 2014, 304 pp. ISBN 0-88698-233-2.

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