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The Rotary Rig and Its Components, 4th ed.

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Cover for the book Rotary Rig and Its Components El Equipo Rotatorio Y Sus Componentes

This publication is Lesson 1 of Unit 1 of the Rotary Drilling Series (RDS)

Since oil and gas are normally found far below the surface, special means of reaching them and bringing them to the surface must be used. Drilling through perhaps thousands of feet of earth, removing the dirt and rock from the hole as it is drilled, keeping the hole from caving in as it is drilled, finding a particular layer of earth where oil or gas may be trapped, and providing a means of bringing it to the surface require considerable expertise, labor, and equipment.

This comprehensive training manual acquaints the reader with the standard equipment and crew on a rotary drilling rig. Topics include the power, hoisting, rotating, and circulating systems; well-control equipment, auxiliaries, and the crew. This book is recommended for floorhands, motorhands, derrickhands, drillers, and toolpushers. Readable language, clearly labeled illustrations and photographs, a glossary, helpful appendixes, and self-test review questions help the reader to comprehend the material. ISBN 0-88698-166-2. 1995, 128 pp.

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