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Well Control for Completion and Workover - Tablet edition

Well Control for Completion and Workover - Tablet editionWell control is one of the most important considerations of those who complete and perform workovers on wells that have been drilled. Because of the increased awareness of the need to prevent injury to personnel and harm to the environment, well control is of particular concern today. In addition to the training that personnel receive on the job, additional training in the form of short courses, manuals, and audiovisuals is of vital importance, for a crew that understands well control is a crew that is less likely to experience a well blowing out of control.

This manual presents a practical approach to well control in that it emphasizes the things a crew should know and be able to do to control a well while it is being completed or worked over. Topics include an overview of completion, workover, and production equipment; blowout prevention equipment; pressure basics; kick fundamentals; shut-in procedures; circulation and well control; well-control methods; unusual well-control operations; stripping and snubbing operations; and well control with subsea BOP stacks. Helpful appendixes provide information relating to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), reference tables, equations, API RP 5, and a cross-reference index to subpart O 30 CFR. A glossary and clearly labeled illustrations and photographs help the reader understand the material. This text covers the items required by the Minerals Management Service for certification.
ISBN 0-88698-155-7. 1992, 416 pp.
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