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Wind, Waves, and Weather, 3rd Ed. - Tablet Edition

Wind, Waves, and Weather, 3rd Ed. - Tablet EditionBecause the local weather affects tides, currents, winds, and wave heights, the weather is a vital factor that operators and contractors consider when they are ready to drill on a site. Weather and environment play a big role in the type of rig companies choose and how to outfit it. After drilling begins, supervisory personnel keep a close watch on weather forecasts to avoid surprises, which can be very costly. Adverse weather can destroy rigs and harm personnel. Thus, rig supervisors study a weather report at least once a day, and more when large systems or fronts threaten the rig. Being aware of the weather and taking appropriate precautions can save time, money, and, most important, the lives of rig personnel. This updated training manual describes the environmental effects of weather on the rigs and the personnel who work offshore. It explains how wind and waves occur and their affect on offshore structures. The book also covers basic principles of meteorology and oceanography and their effects on offshore operations. Further, it outlines safety procedures to be followed in severe weather and sea conditions. It also contains the URLs (internet addresses) of several weather related web sites that will be of use to anyone who works offshore. Readable language, clearly labeled illustrations and photographs, a glossary, and helpful self-test review questions help the reader understand the material.
ISBN 0-88698-212-X. 2004, 156 pp.
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