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Natural Gas Measurement–Design/Application/Inspection

1.1 CEUs

Endorsed by the Gas Processors Association

This course may assist in meeting requirements for DOT Operator Certification.

Covers the basics of natural gas meter station designs, applications of volume-determining meters including the flow-conditioning requirements for orifice meters, gas turbine meters, and ultrasonic meters. Provides hands-on practice in inspecting dual-chamber orifice meter runs.

Length: 1.5 days

Course Content

Participants receive instruction in:

  • Meter station design and meter applications
  • Orifice metering: Inspection of dual-chamber meter runs, maintenance and inspection of major orifice fittings, and inspection of orifice plates
  • Flow conditioning
  • Pulsation effects on metering
  • Recommended For

  • Gas measurement technicians, analysts, and engineers
  • Personnel who witness or audit natural gas measurement.

  • Included with Course:

  • Catered lunch daily; beverages and snacks provided
  • Course materials including instructor presentations
  • Recommended book: Gas and Liquid Measurement

  • Download a brochure for our Natural Gas Measurement Courses (PDF–1.6 MB).

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