:: PETEX Launches Drilling E-Book This Fall

E-learning demo screenPETEX’s popular A Primer of Oilwell Drilling book will soon be available in digital format. PETEX will release its first e-book of the widely used drilling Primer using technologically current, vivid graphics to demonstrate drilling concepts to industry personnel. PETEX is in the final stages of preparing content for licensing and distribution. This e-book is the first of more to come as we continue updating and converting other books to convenient e-formats to meet the industry’s training needs.

Next on the development horizon are interactive training modules that can be launched using your learning management system, deployed via Intranet, or on CD-ROM. Selected modules based on A Primer of Oilwell Drilling, 7th edition, will be available this fall. These interactive modules will include animation, video, audio, graphics, text, and assessments. PETEX is also digitizing video and animation clips (on demand via the Web) and developing online courses for availability in 2010.

To spearhead these initiatives and streamline PETEX’s ongoing online training and electronic delivery efforts, we have recently added a Digital Training Solutions Project Manager to our team (see “We are PETEX”.)

For 65 years, PETEX has been providing clients with quality, up-to-date training according to industry standards. Digital learning products are just one way we fulfill your need for specialized, flexible training solutions. We are eager to share more information about these developments and learn more about your organization’s specific training needs.

For updates on these efforts or to inquire about how PETEX can provide your company online training solutions, email petex@www.utexas.edu or click on PETEX Digital Training Solutions.

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