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Greg McCormack

From Director Greg McCormack

This year presents both economic and shift-change challenges for the industry, and PETEX is best positioned to ensure its continued value by providing the highest quality customer service and leading-edge training solutions to meet these challenges. PETEX has an exceptionally high regard for customer service, a value woven into the very fabric of what the staff does and who we are. PETEX is dedicated to ensure clients receive the highest quality training solutions to meet the proliferation of training needs in the oil and gas industry, from the retirement of baby boomers to the influx of younger professionals newly entering the workforce.

The oil and gas industry is cyclical in nature, and despite current market challenges, history demonstrates that the importance of training for the future is now more imperative than ever. Now is the time to best position one’s self by seeking self-education and capitalizing on training opportunities. It is equally important for companies to continue to enhance staff performance and train in preparation for the predicted cyclical upswings in the market.

Providing 65 years of training solutions, PETEX continuously evolves to provide up-to-date, quality courses and publications to meet clients’ needs. Having trained over 200 client companies during the past year alone, PETEX, together with the guidance and support of its Advisory Board, serves as an ambassador for the industry and continues to deliver world-class training solutions. Despite the economic slowdown, PETEX is busy as ever, and we thank you for your continued support.

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