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Greg McCormack

From Director Greg McCormack

The oil and gas industry has been weathering a downturn, but training is an area that should not be forgotten. The adage ‘what goes down must go up’ remains valid, and for the oil and gas industry, you can be sure the spike is coming. The industry will once again face the challenges of meeting ramped-up consumer demands and increased training needs to address the demands.

The importance of training both new and experienced personnel is paramount. As the industry makes its upturn, seasoned professionals will continue retiring and the industry will face a devastating shortage of skilled personnel. With next-generation workers entering the force and new technologies being implemented, training today for tomorrow’s needs is more important than ever.

Industry associations agree. The message at this year’s conferences is clear and consistent: continue your commitment to safety and training. Cutting corners can cost you, and today, companies definitely cannot afford such mistakes.

You can rely on PETEX to keep your organization on the right training track. As PETEX expands its offerings, we want to ensure that we are meeting your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone at PETEX if we are missing any specific industry training needs.

PETEX is dedicated to providing quality training to industry standards and continues developing publications, courses, and digital instruction to meet your current needs. PETEX trains for results. Students learn from seasoned industry experts who guide them in applying new skills to their specific roles.

In this economy, you want results-oriented training to position your organization to respond when everyone else does. And PETEX has 65 years of proven results to assist you.

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