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Dr. Paul Bommer

As drilling technology continues to evolve, A Primer of Oilwell Drilling remains a staple among the industry’s nontechnical workforce. Starting with the history and evolution of drilling, this informative book tells the complete story from top to bottom–and back up again, following the track of making and producing wells.

Author Dr. Paul M. Bommer, Petroleum Engineering Senior Lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin and newest member of the PETEX Advisory Board, applies over 30 years of oil and gas industry and academic experience to enhance the Primer with a stronger engineering focus. He has highlighted the role of engineers in the process of drilling, expanded topics to present a global view, and added material on critical new technologies.

A third-generation oil man, Bommer’s father and grandfather were Texas oil men, so he knows firsthand the importance of understanding the fundamentals of the petroleum business. Bommer wants this book to continue serving its purpose as a valuable first-reader for engineers, business personnel, and students seeking a firm grasp of what drilling means today.

He says, “I tell my students they’re entering a world where drilling technology allows us to drill anywhere in the world—better, faster, and deeper than ever before. Through the use of innovative directional technology we can now drill wells to reach targets that were previously out of reach. Drilling technology will continue advancing to meet our greatest challenges of drilling in deep water.” Such advances call for expert training and solid resources such as the new Primer.

The latest version, with its new perspectives, explanations, and detailed graphics, will illuminate the world of drilling for readers across the industry. This printing completes seven editions of the Primer developed by several authors and editors; the first edition was published in 1951. You can order your copy online at www.utexas.edu/ce/petex or call 800-687-4132.

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