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Fundamentals of Petroleum, 5th ed.
Applied Mathematics for the Petroleum and Other Industries, 4th ed.
Basic Electricity for the Petroleum Industry, 2nd ed.
Basic Electronics for the Petroleum Industry, 4th ed.
Basic Instrumentation, 4th ed.
Changing The Way America Thinks About Energy
A Dictionary for the Oil and Gas Industry, 2nd ed.
Land and Leasing, 2nd ed.
Practical Petroleum Geology, 2nd ed.


A Primer of Oilwell Drilling, 7th ed.
Conceptos Básicos de Perforación, 4th ed.
Arithmetic for Rig Personnel
H2S Safety Handbook, 2nd ed.
Introduction to Well Control, 2nd ed.
Practical Underbalanced Drilling and Workover
Practical Well Control, 4th ed.
Principles of Drilling Fluid Control, 12th ed.
Well Control for Completion and Workover
Introduction to Rotary Drilling, Segment I, 2nd ed.
Routine Drilling Operations, Segment II, 2nd ed.
Special Drilling Operations, 2nd ed., Segment III
Lesson 1, The Rotary Rig and Its Components, 5th ed.
Lesson 2, The Bit, 5th ed.
Lesson 3, Drill String and Drill Collars
Lesson 4, Rotary, Kelly, Swivel, Tongs, and Top Drive
Lesson 5, The Blocks and Drilling Line, 3rd ed.
Lesson 6, The Drawworks and the Compound
Lesson 7, Drilling Fluids, Mud Pumps, and Conditioning Equipment
Lesson 8, Diesel Engines and Electric Power, 3rd ed., Revised
Lesson 9, The Auxiliaries, 3rd ed., Revised
Lesson 10, Safety on the Rig, 4th ed., Revised
Lesson 1, Making Hole, 3rd ed., Revised
Lesson 2, Drilling Fluids
Lesson 3, Drilling a Straight Hole, 4th ed.Revised
Lesson 4, Casing and Cementing, 3rd ed.
Lesson 5, Testing and Completing, 3rd ed.
Lesson 1, Controlled Directional Drilling, 4th ed.
Lesson 2, Open-Hole Fishing, 4th ed.
Lesson 3, Blowout Prevention, 4th ed.
Lesson 1, Wind, Waves, and Weather, 3rd ed.
Lesson 2, Spread Mooring Systems, 2nd ed.
Lesson 3, Buoyancy, Stability, and Trim, 2nd ed.
Lesson 4, Jacking Systems and Rig Moving Procedures
Lesson 5, Diving and Equipment, 3rd ed.
Lesson 6, Vessel Inspection and Maintenance
Lesson 7, Helicopter Safety
Lesson 8, Orientation for Offshore Crane Operations
Lesson 9, Life Offshore, 2nd ed.
Lesson 10, Marine Riser Systems and Subsea Blowout Preventers


A Primer of Offshore Operations, 3rd ed.
Comprehensive Stability
Advanced Stability
Offshore Well Construction


The Beam Lift Handbook, Revised
Field Handling of Natural Gas, 4th ed.
Field Handling of Natural Gas, Vol. 1: Production and Conditioning
Gas and Liquid Measurement
H2S Safety Handbook, 2nd ed.
LNG: Basics of Liquefied Natural Gas
Oil and Gas: The Production Story, 2nd ed.
Plant Processing of Natural Gas, 2nd ed.
Primer of Oil and Gas Measurement
Quick Reference for Oil and Gas Measurement
Treating Oilfield Emulsions, 4th ed.
Artificial Lift, 2nd ed.
Beam Pumping
Improved Recovery
Reciprocating Gas Compressors


Primer of Oilwell Service, Workover, and Completion
Artificial Lift Methods, 2nd ed.
Well Stimulation Treatments

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