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Petroleum Fundamentals E-Course

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This course offers hands-on learning with interactive and multimedia training modules. You will receive comprehensive training on all aspects of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, oil and gas leasing, drilling, production, refining, transportation, and petroleum economics.
Students will receive 4 Continuing Education Credits and a Completion Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin.

REQUIRED This e-Course includes the following e-modules (click on each title to view a demo of that section):

Artificial Lift
Reservoir Drive Mechanisms
Blowout Prevention System
Rotary Drilling Rig Types
Controlled Directional Drilling
Rotary Rig Components: Circulating System
Open Hole Fishing
Rotary Rig Components: Hoisting System
Improved Recovery Techniques
Rotary Rig Components: Power System
Interactive Oil Rig
Rotary Rig Components: Rotating System
Introduction to Petroleum
Routine Drilling Operations
Offshore Oil & Gas leasing
Surface Handling of Well Fluids
Onshore Oil & Gas leasing
Transporting Petroleum, Derivatives and Natural Gas
Overview of Drilling Systems
Well Completion Operations
People and Companies
Well Control
Petroleum Economics
Well Planning
Petroleum Exploration
Well Service and Workover
Petroleum Geology
Well Stimulation
Refining and Processing Petroleum

Estimated completion time: 35 hours.