Interactive Safety E-Learning Modules!

Interactive Safety E-Learning Modules!

Interactive 3-D Animated Simulation
Learn by doing! Earn a Completion Certificate!

Safety e-Learning from Thru-U!

The following e-learning modules are made possible through a partnership with, a leading provider of interactive safety e-learning. PETEX proudly offers these products to provide training in additional areas of industry operations for the benefit of clients worldwide.

These interactive e-learning modules enable hands-on learning through three-dimensional (3-D) animations that effectively simulate a work environment. Students participate in actual exercises to test knowledge and help prepare workers for real-life circumstances. These e-learning products are not literacy-dependent, because they engage students by seeing, hearing, and doing instead of simply reading to comprehend content.
Now you can benefit from the latest industry safety training in the comfort of your workstation. Click below for details and shopping cart, or click here to download a flier.

Safety e-Learning Modules:

  • First Aid
  • Lockout/Tagout Plus
  • Lockout/Tagout Essentials
  • Manual Handling Plus
  • Manual Handling Essentials
  • Personal Protective Equipment Plus
  • Personal Protective Equipment Essentials

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